ORGANIC PATIENT MANAGEMENT -  a solution to buying MMJ from dispensaries...... SIMPLE

ORGANIC PATIENT MANAGEMENT – a solution to buying MMJ from dispensaries…… SIMPLE

The War on Medical Marijuana

The May 2013 decision by the California Supreme Court has changed the landscape of Medical Marijuana in California.  The court has sent the regulation and control of MMJ Collectives and Dispensaries back to local government. As a result CHAOS has replaced apathy in most cities. Many local cities and administrators have optioned to BAN MMJ dispensaries thereby declaring WAR on MMJ. The results have been serious for many disabled people who need their medication but don’t know where to get it LEGALLY.  The intent was to “clean up” these places and in many cases the intent was justified but the UNINTENDED consequences have hurt REAL patients far more than it hurts the casual users.  Many recreational users have the money and mobility to find other suppliers and experiment with the unknown but real medical patients are struggling to find a collective they know and trust to provide their meds.  They are facing the difficult decision to go back to the streets and buy from undependable sources.   

The purpose of the EMMACAL site is to support each member’s right to privacy in the decision to make their own choices regarding health care and to provide each member of EMMACAL current and accurate information regarding existing and pending legislation, employment law, drug testing law, criminal law, medical marijuana law, and other state and federal statutes regarding employment as well as appellate court decisions regarding employment law, drug testing law, criminal law, medical marijuana law and employee rights.  EMMACAL provides a forum for members to take advantage of their right to free speech and expression to make your opinion regarding medical marijuana and medical marijuana patients rights in the work place known publicly by using the blog.  Blogging puts your opinions and feelings out in the public realm –  A discussion to be heard by local governments, state and federal legislatures and your fellow MMJ users  –  to be informed regarding positions of local state and federal judges and politicians regarding MMJ rights  – to share opinions with other medical marijuana patients, employees and office seekers regarding the rights of employees who are MMJ patients.